In today's high-speed marketplace challenges are an ongoing part of daily operations

At ORIGIN, we strive to be your partner in formulating strategic solutions that allow our vertically integrated team to solve, engineer, fabricate, and execute upon the most problematic obstacles your company may face.

Our team of practical engineers works cohesively to provide the highest quality solutions. We conduct business by building strong and long-lasting relationships with our partners to better suit their needs.




Matthew is a Senior Structural Engineer (P.E.) licensed in multiple states and registered with NCEES. He is responsible for driving ORIGIN Engineering’s business and supports the team in Finite Element Structural Analysis and advanced concrete and steel design for structures and foundations. He is experienced in CAD automation tools.

Before starting ORIGIN in 2013, he worked for Wind Tower Technologies, Vestas Technology R&D, Renewable Energy Systems, and Shear Engineering. Matthew has extensive design experience with steel, concrete, post-tensioning, and aluminum materials. He has worked in structural engineering for the past 15 years.

His education and training include Six Sigma, various finite element analysis tools as well as ASCE Design of Foundations for Dynamic Loads. Matthew has a Bachelor of Science degree in Structural Engineering (BS) from The University of Wyoming.



Alonzo is the Director of Business Development for ORIGIN. Alonzo has an extensive background in delivering and sustaining revenue and profit gains in numerous markets.

Previously Alonzo was a Senior Account Executive for a top 30 3PL, where he managed over 100 accounts of both private and fortune 500 companies. Alonzo is a key driver for sales strategy, marketing, and continuous process improvement by implementing new strategies and technologies.